Warth Schroecken

Glacial mill.

An impressive natural spectacle!

The impressive moulin in Schröcken is reminiscent of the erstwhile glaciation of the entire Warth-Schröcken area. It reveals the concentrated power of water. The glacial pothole, which in Walser dialect is called the"Fellchessel", can compete with similar phenomenon in the Alpine area. In times past rock formations like this were thought of as mysterious by the locals. They were attributed to witches, giants and even Satan himself.

Yes, you heard right!
The moulin is reminiscent of a vast glacier. Today there are still unique remains in the ice fields between Braunarlspitze, Johanneskopf and Zuger Hochlicht. The Ice Age has been maintained here, where, just after the confluence of Fellebach and Bregenzerach, the water plunges down some ten metres. The water vortex in the so-called ‘Topf’ is what gives the glacial mill its name.

  • Glacial mill

  • Glacier mill

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