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Natural gem - Körbersee.

The loveliest place in Austria.

Anyone who has ever visited the magical mountain lake "Körbersee" in Schröcken, knows that the lake is a very special energy-filled space. Set in the midst of a botanical conservation area and surrounded by an impressive mountain backdrop, whose contours are reflected in the clear waters, the idyllic lake invites you to linger.

On 26th October 2017 the natural gem received a great deal of attention in the live evening show "9 Plätze - 9 Schätze" on ORF 2 and was officially named as the loveliest place in Austria.

Find out more about the history of Körbersee here and be inspired by this wonderful place-
summer and winter alike!

The Körbersee.

  • Is located in Schröcken at 1675m altitude
  • And spans an area of 3.5 hectares.
  • Is a whopping 8 metres deep.
  • Is only accessible on foot, or on skis in the winter.
  • Can reach a water temperature of up to 24°C.
  • Just change perspective!

    Boats on the natural gem - Körbersee

  • Alpine roses at Körbersee

  • Berghotel Körbersee and the Widderstein

  • Cows at the natural gem Körbersee

Körbersee - the loveliest place in Austria
This contemplative place emerged as the loveliest place in Austria from a TV show - and Körbersee is indeed a very special little place on our earth: Gently sloping, lush green Alpine pastures surround the lake, on which cows graze peacefully. Behind, the Juppenspitze rises up above the scenery at 2412 m, its impressive contours and rocky flanks reflecting in the clear water Anyone who wants to can either just pause for thought in this unique mountain setting, or get their heart rate up by heading out on a hike. Berghotel Körbersee is located right at the lake and tempts you to enjoy a rest.

It is a good two hour walk to Körbersee from the mountain station for the Steffisalp-Express. The route proceeds across the Salobersattel to Körbersee - the return journey heads to Kalbelesee (bus stop) continuing via the Old Salt Road to Warth.
There is a shorter route from Schröcken via the Alpe Felle and the Alpmuseum, taking around an hour and 15 minutes to walk to Körbersee and back again. You can also get to Körbersee from the town of Neßlegg in around half an hour via a wonderful Alpine hiking trail, which offers plenty of views. Please note: There are no public car parking areas in Neßlegg.

Discover Körbersee now via a real-time webcam!

How to get to the natural gem.

360 ° panorama at Körbersee.


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