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What do you think makes a perfect family ski area?

We have compiled 7 things which you really ought to look for when choosing a ski holiday for the family. For an all-round success-packed time with the family in the mountains

How do I find a really good family ski area? Who doesn’t recognise that feeling of uncertainty when it comes to making a decision about the right ski area for your next family holiday. The children ought to be well catered for and well looked after, be overseen as much as possible, so nobody gets lost - yet also have plenty of space to explore too. And performance-oriented parents ought to be properly challenged too. Variety is needed too for fun in between times and ... What else is there? We have compiled 7 things which you really ought to pay attention to and which make Warth-Schröcken a really great family ski area. Here are our tips:

1. Snow - right on your doorstep

And the pre-requisite for fun in the snow is ..? snow! And there is plenty of it in Warth-Schröcken. It is not without reason that it has been named the most snow-abundant ski area in the Alps. As well as fantastic natural snow pistes it is especially practical for families that the snow always lies even right down in the towns. This means convenient skiing to and from your accommodation or to the car parks. And what could be nicer than skiing right up to the doorstep of where you are staying at the end of the day - and not having to negotiate a "dreaded" and congested valley run. After all the towns and car parking areas are practically linked to the ski area.

2. Manageable or really big?

When it comes to choosing the right ski area for the family opinions often differ: Small and manageable, so nobody gets lost and the children are also able to head out on to the pistes by themselves. Or really big for extended ski excursions - so the grown-ups can really enjoy a challenging day. Hard to believe that Warth-Schröcken offers both. With 62.5 kilometres of pistes the ski area is indeed sporty, but at the same time is a perfect size for young families. Warth-Schröcken is also part of the biggest ski area in Austria. A ride on the Auenfeldjet to Lech opens up more than 305 kilometres of pistes. All day long there are new nooks and crannies to discover, and a sheer endless amount of ski runs. Especially attractive for families: There is the option of choosing a better value ski pass just for Warth-Schröcken, or a pass for the entire Arlberg area. "Upgrades" are also available by the day.

3. Family circuit through the entire ski area

Even the little ones don’t always want to stay on the practice slope with their parents and want to head out on a big exploratory tour at times. This provides a sense of achievement and motivation. So the ride doesn’t end up becoming hara-kiri, a well thought-out ski circuit has been set up in Warth-Schröcken "Pauli’s ski circuit" is a tour through the entire ski area and is, so to speak, the "White Ring" for children. The special thing about it: The circuit course can be wholly tackled on blue pistes. This ensures that all members of the family can have fun and not suddenly end up standing in front of insurmountable steep slopes. It is also possible to start the circuit at each main lift and end early too, should energy or inclination fall by the wayside. We think You should give it a go!

4. Short routes

The towns of Warth and Schröcken have retained their manageable, village-like essence. The advantage - short routes and speedy orientation for all the family! Everybody quickly learns where everything is. This gives children the opportunity to find their own way and makes it easier for families to get organised when they are here: The ski school office? Right around the corner. The information office? Right next door. The pistes and lifts also head into the towns, and to car parks and accommodation areas. Forgotten your goggles or put on one layer too many? A little break for lunch? No problem. You can always make a brief stop-off at your accommodation. This makes life easier - and a ski holiday with all the family even more relaxing.

5. Just for children: But safe

Safety is especially important, so too is the well-being of the littlest children when they are on skis: In Warth-Schröcken there have been several children's areas, practice lifts and ski school areas set up that are indeed very close by, but which are also separated from the standard pistes. ‘Pizza’, ‘wedge turn’ or ‘snowplough’, all that matters now is the feeling of your own skis on the snow - and not being disturbed by anything else. Little ones get to have fun, with no hassle and can move around happily while parents feel great about it all - all of which makes for a relaxing family holiday

6. Variety-packed - even without skis

All parents know: Children love variety and really does work wonders! When a new, exciting experience awaits around the next corner, new energy suddenly surges into weary children's legs and the mood changes completely. This phenomenon has become a key feature in Warth-Schröcken and a whole range of adventures has been created to make children's eyes light up. Children adore meeting our little mascot, Pauli the snowman, or sitting together in a rubber dinghy and being pulled in a skidoo through the snowy landscape - or how about cosying up with real huskies and then riding across a frozen lake in original dog sleds. Adventure in the icicle packed cave, tobogganing, and, and, and... Definitely make note: The variety of options available after skiing is also what makes a great family ski area.

7. Mementos to take home - as #Selfie or race video

For children and parents alike, sharing memories of a family holiday is especially important. How about a family selfie or your own race video? Who doesn’t enjoy looking back at a time when the kids tackled the slalom course quicker than mum and dad for the first time ... or dad falling just before the finish - with the evidence for all to see on video. Grand parents and friends back home love looking at them too. The free BMXxDrive ski movie route at the Steffisalp Express is just waiting for the next video match. At some time or another everyone will recognise this - searching for the right spot for the ultimate family selfie from the holiday. Perfect spot, perfect weather, finally it's all come together - so who will take the photo? There are extra designated photo points in Pauli’s ski world on the Saloberkopf, with an unbeatable mountain panorama. Your ski pass is the shutter release. As a memento, the pictures can then be accessed online

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