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Karhorn via ferrata east and west ridge.

Fixed rope route

Karhorn via ferrata east and west ridge.

Relax again on the ascent with the Steffisalp-Express before you go. Now you have left most of the altitude meters behind and can march at your own pace towards the Wartherhornsattel. From here you get the appropriate equipment, because now the via ferrata also begins. The east ridge of the via ferrata leads from the entrance to the summit in difficulty level A/B. This section is therefore ideally suited for all beginners of the via ferrata and those with light experience of the via ferrata and meets the requirements in any case. Continue on the Westgrat. Starting from the summit, you’ll be aware that beginners are at their limits here. In difficulty levels B/C, the few hundred meters also challenge experienced via ferrata climbers. With airy and exposed ridge climbing, vertigo and surefootedness are required. Nevertheless, this part is an ultimate experience and you should not miss it! A long rock plate with rope securing forms the exit of the western ridge. From here, a path first leads down over the southern slope of the Karhorn and back towards the Wartherhornsattel. If you wish, you can also take the summit of the Wartherhorn with you before you return to the Steffisalp-Express mountain station via the approach path.

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directions_run Typ:Fixed rope route


arrow_right_alt Distance:5,1 km

access_time Duration:209 min

trending_up Elevation gain:477 hm

trending_down Elevation decrease:477 hm

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Karhorn via ferrata east and west ridge.

GPS 47.25603500 / 10.15951300



Climbing set rental and guided climbing tours.

Alpine School Schröcken

Alpine School Widderstein

Guide Mathias Fritz

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Recommended equipment.

This should never be missing on the mountain.

Backpack, First-Aid Set incl. Bladder plaster, telephone with emergency number, cash, drinking bottle, pocket knife, provisions, sun protection in good weather.

Whoever enters a via ferrata absolutely needs the necessary equipment.

HELM!, Seat belt (climbing belt!), Climbing set with 2 functioning carabiners, fixed footwear (the best mountain shoes), in addition is recommended: gloves, sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen), sufficient fluid.

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Steffisalp-Express - Wartherhornsattel - Ostgrat-Klettersteig - Karhorn - Westgrad-Klettersteig - Wartherhornsattel - Steffisalp-Express

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All information about parking spaces can be found here.

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Public transport.

All information about the buses can be found here.

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Emergency numbers.

140 - Alpine emergencies throughout Austria

144 - Alpine emergencies in Vorarlberg

112 - Euro emergency call

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