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Bike & Hike Juppenspitze (2.412 m)


Bike & Hike Juppenspitze (2.412 m)

The E-Bike route leads from Schröcken over the Batzenalpe – Auenfeldsattel to the starting point of the mountain tour, the Untere Gaisbühelalpe (1.777 m). The Juppenspitze, for many the most beautiful and loneliest mountain, is rarely visited, not only because the path is not to be found in the hiking maps. The ascent takes place over the Obere Gaisbühelalpe, along steep, pathless meadow slopes up to a rocky heap and on to the Joch. Through rocky, well-marked terrain to the summit cross, from where you have a great view of Schröcken with Körbersee and Hochtannbergpass. Descending on the same route. With the e-bike we continue over the Auenfeld to the Salobersattel. From there a hiking trail leads to the Hochalphütte and further down to the Jägeralpe. From the Jägeralpe either the Alte Salzstraße leads to Warth or a gravel road to the Hotel Adler, from where the tour continues on the main road to Schröcken.

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directions_run Typ:Mountainbiking


arrow_right_alt Distance:30,2 km

access_time Duration:420 min

trending_up Elevation gain:1700 hm

trending_down Elevation decrease:1700 hm

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Bike & Hike Juppenspitze (2.412 m)

GPS 47.23362300 / 10.12964300


Recommended equipment.

This should never be missing on the mountain.

Backpack, First-Aid Set incl. Bladder plaster, telephone with emergency number, cash, drinking bottle, pocket knife, provisions, sun protection in good weather.

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Bike: Schröcken church - Batzenalpe - Auenfeldsattel - Untere Gaisbühelalpe

Hike: Untere Gaisbühelalpe - Obere Gaisbühelalpe - Joch - Juppenspitze - Joch - Obere Gaisbühelalpe - Untere Gaisbühelalpe

Bike: Untere Gaisbühelalpe - Auenfeld - Salobersattel - Jägeralpe* – Hotel Adler – along the main road to Schröcken

or *Jägeralpe – Alte Salzstraße – Warth

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All information about parking spaces can be found here.

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Public transport.

All information about the buses can be found here.

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Emergency numbers.

140 - Alpine emergencies throughout Austria

144 - Alpine emergencies in Vorarlberg

112 - Euro emergency call

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