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Warth parish church.

Catholic church St. Sebastian.

The Roman Catholic Warth am Arlberg parish church is located in the town of Warth, in the district of Bregenz in Vorarlberg Parish church St. Sebastian is part of the Hinterwald church district in the diocese of Feldkirch. The church is a listed building.


To begin with the church was a subsidiary of Lech. Built between 1590/1592, in 1602 the church was Dedicated to St. Anna and Sebastian and in 1602/1603 became the ‘Kaplaneikirche’. In 1625 the church was elevated to the status of parish church. Between 1749 and 1752 the church was extended and refurbished. In 1791 was refurbished to include a stucco by Johann Jakob Rief. In 1893/1895 there was a new building created by master builder Fidel Körner. On 1 September 2012 the parish church changed from the parish district of Bludenz-Sonnenberg to the parish district of Hinterwald.

To the east, the church is surrounded by a walled cemetery. The neo-Romanesque nave and the chancel which has a three-eights extension are beneath a joint saddle roof. The chancel on the north tower has a pointed spire. The monopitch roof is a distinct feature.


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  • L198 Lech
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