Warth Schroecken
Friedenskreuz am Simmel

Peace Cross on the Simmel.

Did you know?

The Peace Cross on the Simmel is one of the few Peace Crosses in the world.

Just below the World Peace Cross is the Simmel Chapel.

Simmel chapel 'St. Jakobus'

Simmel chapel 'St. Jakobus'Save now

Simmel chapel 'St. Jakobus'


Already since 1550 a chapel with a magnificent view over the pass stood enthroned and made the place a special pilgrimage destination. In 1678 the little church was consecrated to St. James, the patron saint of load carriers, pilgrims and pilgrims. Solemn services on the feast days of James, Laurentius and Bartholomew were then scheduled every year. With the separation of the mother parish of...

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