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A journey into the past or into yourself.

In the footsteps of the Walser on the Tannberg.

A themed path about the shared history of Warth, Schröcken and Lech.

The Tannberg and the Tannberg region is your summer companion in the Arlberg and includes the Walser towns of Warth, Schröcken and Lech. "In the tracks of the Walser on the Tannberg" is a themed path which recounts the shared history of the settlement by the Walser people from the Swiss canton of Valais.

There are a total of 57 stations along the route which provide an insight into the life and work of the Walsers on the Tannberg.

  • Tannbergbank

  • Tannbergbank

  • In the tracks of the Walser

  • Station Tannbergweg

The themed trail is suitable for all ages and offers information to suit different interest groups, since the various stages are split up into three categories: Culture, nature and sport.


Many historical buildings, monuments and in particular the history of the Walser people creates a very exciting and interesting cultural asset in Tannberg, which is unique to all of Vorarlberg and is definitely worth seeing in any case.


The Tannberg region really is blessed thanks to its location at 1500m, since it is an optimum area for pleasure-oriented hikers and fastidious Alpinists. During the summer season numerous sports events take place, so everyone is well catered for.


The Tannberg is more diverse, rich in contrasts, yet contemplative at the same time, than any other region. Far removed from the hectic pace of life, yet still central; altitude location, yet favourable; unique and always authentic. This is hiking paradise on the Tannberg.

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