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Seven Summits.

Seven summits in Warth-Schröcken in one fell swoop.

A hiking circuit across seven summits and taking in 2000 metres altitude - that is the Seven Summits Tour in Schröcken - THE mountain highlight in summer.

These are the summits to be negotiated.

  • Hochkünzelspitze 2397m
  • Rothorn 2239m
  • Hochberg 2324m
  • Braunarlspitze 2649m
  • Mohnenfluh 2542m
  • Juppenspitze 2412m
  • Höferspitze 2131m

Annual event highlight.

7 summits, 48 kilometres, 4300 metres altitude: these are the key facts and figures of the tour and anyone who manages the 24-hour challenge which takes place every September, can count themselves among the best endurance athletes. The tour is a real challenge for all hikers and trail runners.

  • 7 Summits Tour 2019

  • Summit conquering

  • Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

  • Höferspitze

Seven Summits multi-day tour.

Who said that they can conquer the seven summits in just 24 hours?

For those of you looking for a sporty alternative to a day tour, we have come up with two variants. For instance, how about tackling the 7 Summits in two days or in 4 days? Fit hikers or trail runners have the option of doing either a two day or a four day tour - immortalised seven times in a summit register. This means that everyone can hike at their own pace and enjoy the natural surroundings - altitude training effect included. Each day starts and finishes in Schröcken, that is, you stay the night and relax in a cosy bed in the valley.

7 Summits Weekend.

  • Day 1: Hochkünzelspitze, Rothorn, Hochberg and Braunarlspitze
  • Day 2: Mohnenfluh, Juppenspitze and Höferspitze

7 Summits Week.

  • Day 1: Mohnenfluh and Juppenspitze
  • Day 2: Braunarlspitze
  • Day 3: Künzelspitze, Rothorn and Hochberg
  • Day 4: Höferspitze

The 7 summits can also be a fantastic destination for a hiking week. Split into 4 stages, with an easy day in between to relax.

Likelihood of triggering
Triggering is possible, even from low additional loads, particularly on the indicated steep slopes (steeper than about 30 degrees). In certain situations some large, and in isolated cases very large natural avalanches are possible.

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