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Seven Summits Tour Schröcken. CANCELLED

7 Summits - 48 Kilometres - 4300 metres altitude - Are you ready?

Run for a good cause.
The Seven Summits Tour is the ultimate challenge for any climber. Climb the 7 border mountains in Schröcken in one day. On this tour there is 4300 metres altitude to negotiate, on a route spanning almost 50 kilometres, and all that for a good cause. The event is to help aid organisation ROKPA . It is not the time that matters, rather it is about keeping going as you push yourself to your limits.

Are you up for the challenge?

The 13th Seven Summits Tour on September 11th has to be cancelled due to weather forecast.

These are the summits to be negotiated.

  • Höferspitze 2.131 m
  • Juppenspitze 2.412 m
  • Mohnenfluh 2.542 m
  • Braunarlspitze 2.649 m
  • Hochberg 2.324 m
  • Rothorn 2.239 m
  • Hochkünzelspitze 2.397 m


The start is at Schröcken town hall in Heimboden.

The route proceeds up to the Höferspitze, via Auenfeld to the Juppenspitze, continuing to the Mohnenfluhspitze and then up to the highest point of the tour, the Braunarl. The route continues via Fürggele to the Hochberg, Schröcken’s own mountain, moving on to the Rothorn. Passing Biberacher Hütte the route proceeds to the Künzelspitze and then back to Schröcken to the finish.

  • 7 Summits

  • 7 Summits

  • 7 Summits

  • 7 Summits

Family Summit Tour. CANCELLED

Families help families.

This tour is geared predominantly to families with children (aged 6 and over) who want to get an insight into the Seven Summits Tour. The tour starts at the community hall in Schröcken, in Heimboden, heading to Alpe Felle and Körbersee, then via the Bliese to Nesslegg. Continue via the Sonnenberg altitude trail in the town of Wald and down to Oberboden, until you get back to the finish in Heimboden. Donations received at the Family Summit Tour go specifically to helping family projects.

The background.

It all started with the question"How far will our feet carry us?".

In the 50s Alois Schwarzmann and Pius Bischof, both of whom grew up in the region, wondered why nobody had yet tackled the impressive summits around Schröcken in one day. They then set their idea in motion, worked out a route and managed to walk all seven summits in 24 hours. 10 years ago the two Schröckeners’ adventure was re-born, in the guise of the Seven Summits Tour and ever since then has taken place every year in September. Since then this highly thought-of event has been booked out. Proceeds go to help Aid organisation ROKPA . This then supports projects in Tibet, Nepal and Zimbabwe.


The aid organisation Rokpa is committed to working where humanitarian aid is particularly important, and sorely needed.

In the first instance donations go to Tibetan areas in China and Nepal. This supports education, medicine, food and the livelihoods of the poorest people there. For instance in Kathmandu (Nepal) street children have been able to be gathered up, education provided for single mothers and hot meals provided for the homeless. Tibetan areas in China span an area comparable to the size of Europe and are among the poorest areas in the world.

Look back at 2018.

10 years of the Seven Summits.

Help from ROKPA.
For its 10-year anniversary, more than ever, the focus for the aid organisation ROKPA was to collect donations and sponsorship money for good cause. So the participants could also be more involved, there was no entry fee for the tour, rather a donation of € 60.-, which went direct to ROKPA. This meant that everyone was able to contribute to a good cause and together with us, achieve their own 7 Summits goal. Meals (breakfast, evening meal during the tour), some set costs, route posts and mementos were taken on by additional sponsors.

10 times perspiration, 10 times excitement and tension, 10 times 7 mountains, 10 times ROKPA! Anniversary tour 2018!
The successful concept of the "Seven Summits Tour Schröcken" this year celebrated its 10 year anniversary in September 2018.
On 1st September 2018 more than 200 participants made their way on to the route at different times, to tackle the 7 border mountains around Schröcken. The plan was to tackle 4500 metres altitude and 50 kilometres in 10 to 20 hours.

Alas the weather put a spanner in the works. For safety reasons, the route has to be altered.

4 summits, 40 km, 3000m altitude.
From Nesslegg, the route proceeds to Alpe Felle, then to Hochgletscher and the Fürggele (2145 m) and the Hochberg (2324 m). Little rivulets have in the past day become rapid creeks. Via Lagazun, the route continued to Rothorn (2239m) and to the Biberacher Hütte (1846 m). The paths were wet and slippery. The climb to the Hochberg and the Rothorn across the slippy wet grass was a challenge too. Additional safety sections have been positioned to make the climb and the descent easier. From there the route proceeds to the Künzelspitze (not to the summit - 2300 m), down to the Landsteg (1110 m) and back up to the food station in Nesslegg. As the final section, the steep, muddy, slippery and very challenging climb to the Höferspitze (2131 m) was to be tackled.

Family Tour.
The route of the first Family Summits Tour also has to be redesigned. 39 children and their parents hiked in the Auenfeld and via Körbersee back to Nesslegg. There was 11 km and 450 metres altitude to negotiate.

Körbersee -9 Plätze, 9 Schätze winner 2017.
For the 10th anniversary the Seven Summits Tour in Schröcken made a little steer to the loveliest place in Austria - Körbersee. This magical place does of course have to be built into a tour and is sure to provide participants with a wonderful view, and a nice little rest.

Look back at 2019.

11 years of the Seven Summits.

The Seven Summits Tour weekend 2019 was a dream. In total there were 192 courageous participants, who tackled the seven summits on foot. Everyone arrived at the finish overjoyed and, above all, in one piece. During the family Seven Summits Tour, 19 families and family groups tackled the 12 km and 550 metres altitude. The whole event was in benefit of the aid organisation ROKPA and we would like to cordially thanks all participants who made the event very special indeed!

Look back at 2020.

12 years of the Seven Summits.

The 12. Seven Summits Tour Schröcken went on stage again at Kaiserwetter. A total of 200 courageous participants walked the seven border summits of Schröcken in the run. All of them were exhausted but overjoyed and above all unsafe to the finish line. Due to this year’s coronal arrangements it was not possible to do the Family Seven Summits Tour. The whole event benefited the aid organisation ROKPA and we would like to thank all the participants who made the event so special!

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