Warth Schroecken

Other climbing crags in the area.

Whether beginner or pro, the Hochtannberg area provides ideal terrain for all climbing fans!

Numerous climbing crags nearby provide all difficulty levels and therefore provide a challenge for those initial forays on the rocks, and routes for keen climbers who are technically adept and experienced.

Your safety is the A and O!

Bürstegger Wändle climbing crag.

Key facts
Orientation South-east
Number of routes 29 Routes, vertical and slightly overhanging
Difficulty level 3a to 7c+
Stand, hook spacings Chain stands, hook spacings 1-2 metres
Rock type Limestone rock
Specific features steep and variety-packed climbing
Ascent between Lech and Warth, from the "Bürstegg" stop (no parking available!), ca. 400m on foot to Warth up to the bridge, bear left and head along the trail through the forest (ca. 15 mins)

Schröcken climbing crag.

Key facts
Orientation South-west
Number of routes 5 routes, 1 practice via ferrata
Difficulty level 3- to 4, some sections 5+
Stand, hook spacings Chain stands, hook spacings 2-4 metres
Rock type Limestone rock, some sections fragile
Specific features on the Bregenzerache, near the barbecue area
Ascent Schröcken-Unterboden, accessible by car

Biberacher Hütte climbing crag.

Key facts
Orientation West
Number of routes 10 routes
Difficulty level 3- to 7-
Stand, hook spacings Not known
Rock type Firm limestone throughout
Special feature: Food & lodging in Biberacher Hütte
Ascent From the "Landsteg" bus stop, around a 2 hour walk to the Alpine inn and another 5 minutes to the climbing crag

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  • L200 Bregenzerwald
  • B198 Reutte
  • L198 Lech
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