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Schrofenwies climbing crag.

Climbing for all ages!

The Schrofenwies climbing crag is situated in Warth-Lechleiten in the midst of a wonderful natural backdrop, and is mesmerising for young and old ‘Kraxler’ (climbers) alike. The climbing crag has 30 routes ranging from 4b - 7c and in 2008 was completely refurbished, that is it was cut back, new routes were provided and the old routes re-secured.

  • Schrofenwies climbing crag

  • Schrofenwies climbing crag

  • Schrofenwies climbing crag

  • Schrofenwies climbing crag

Key facts about Schrofenwies climbing crag.

Route overview for Schrofenwies via ferrata.

Key facts
Number of routes 30 routes, vertical and slightly overhanging, 1 practice via ferrata
Orientation South
Difficulty level 4 to 9+
Stands/Peg distance Chain stands/Peg distance 1-2 metres
Special features Seating available, public BBQ area, practice via ferrata and easy routes, optimal for children

Location and accessibility.

The Schrofenwies climbing crag is located in Lechleiten.

Drive on the B 198 to the turn-off for "Lechleiten" and follow the municipal road to the last building in Lechleiten - Haus Schrofenwies. You can park in the big car park here, from where there is a gravel path direct to the climbing crag. (ca. 1 minute)

Important information.

  • Only tackle climbing crags and via ferrata routes with the requisite climbing equipment.
  • Basic experience of climbing, belaying and abseiling is absolutely necessary!
  • Physical fitness, a head for heights and sure-footedness are essential.
  • Difficulty levels are based on the international Alpinist association scale.
  • We recommend that you make initial climbs with a qualified mountain guide from a local Alpine school.


Anyone tackling a climbing crag definitely needs the requisite equipment.

When tackling a via ferrata route, wearing complete and fully-functional equipment is compulsory!
In addition, practice how to use the equipment safely and properly to avoid the risk of falling!

Another highlight.

A public barbecue area right in the climbing crag ensures that you can stay at the climbing crag for hours, since while some are honing their technique, the others can be preparing a hearty BBQ.

Our tip.
Right in Warth, just 5 minutes from the climbing crag, is a butcher's shop "Wälder Metzge", where you will find dreamy speciality meats for your BBQ!

Barbecue Area Schrofenwies

Barbecue Area SchrofenwiesSave now

Barbecue Area Schrofenwies


This barbecue area is located in Warth-Lechleiten, directly in the climbing garden Schrofenwies. Here you can prove your climbing skills and afterwards satisfy your hunger with a cosy barbecue.

Climb the faces with professionals.

Head into vertical fun with experts: Want to make your first forays on the rocks with professional guidance?
Want to hone your climbing technique and learn more about safety techniques? The local Alpine schools are perfect climbing partners, since they have extensive knowledge of the area and will guide you safely through the steep faces.


Please note the current traffic situation

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  • B198 Reutte
  • L198 Lech
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