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Karhorn via ferrata.

Via a narrow ridge to the heavens above.


The Karhorn via ferrata is one of the summer highlights in the mountains in Warth am Arlberg. The via ferrata route proceeds from the Wartherhorn Sattel to the Karhorn summit at 2416m. In 2009 the via ferrata was extended by a full 600 metres west and since then has provided a variety-packed tour with various difficulty levels. Once you get to the top you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view to Bregenzerwald and Lechtal and over the towns of Warth and Lech.

Access to the Karhorn via ferrata is relatively easy thanks to its location and the east ridge is also something that beginners and families can tackle who have some initial via ferrata experience!

During the climb you always have the wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding mountain chains in sight, but only from the summit are you really rewarded for your efforts.

Please note that the via ferrata is currently closed due to snowfields.

Walking times.

Ascent: starting from the mountain station for the Steffisalp Express via the hiking trail to the Wartherhorn Sattel ca. 45 to 50 mins.

East ridge: Wartherhorn Sattel to Karhorn summit ca. 2 to 2 1/2 hours

West ridge: Karhorn summit to the exit ca. 1 1/2 hours.

A long ledge with secured ropes is the exit of the west ridge. From here the route proceeds down initially, via the southern slope of the Karhorn and back again to the Wartherhornsattel. Those who want to can also take in the summit of the Wartherhorn, before taking the ascent route back again to the mountain station for the Steffisalp Express

Part 1 - The east ridge.

The east ridge of the via ferrata route proceeds from the access point to the summit and is A/B difficulty level throughout. This means that this section is great for all those who are new to via ferrata, or for those who have some initial experience of via ferrata too, meeting all their requirements.

Access point:
To save a few metres of climbing, take the Steffisalp Express up to the top. From the mountain station the route proceeds immediately left, continually climbing up to Wartherhornsattel (a climb of around 45 minutes). From here, gear up appropriately, since the via ferrata now starts.

From the summit, the descent now proceeds back down again via the standard route on the south side of the Karhorn massif. You then get back to the starting point, the "Wartherhornsattel". Those who want to can tackle the summit of the Wartherhorn too, before the route then proceeds via the ascent back to the Steffisalp Express mountain station.

Part 2 - The west ridge.

To enjoy the west ridge, first of all you have to get to the summit. The 600 metre extension has been here since 2009.

From the summit you become aware straight away: Beginners will be stretched to their limits here. At a difficulty level of B/C these few hundred metres present a challenge even to experienced via ferrata hikers. A head for heights and sure-footedness is required for this lofty, exposed ridge climb. Nonetheless, this is part of the ultimate adventure and something you really ought not to miss!

The west ridge proceeds from the summit of the Karhorn at 600 metres, along the ridge to the exit.

A long ledge secured with cables is the exit area for the west ridge. From here the route proceeds down initially, via the southern slope of the Karhorn and back again to the Wartherhornsattel. (around 20 minutes).

Walking times
From the summit to the exit, ca. 1 1/2 hours.

Anyone who wants to tackle a via ferrata route definitely needs the requisite equipment.

  • Helmet
  • Harness (climbing harness)
  • Via ferrata set incl. 2 functional carabiners
  • Sturdy footwear (mountaineering boots)
  • Gloves
  • Sun protection (goggles, sun protection cream)
  • Plenty of liquid

When tackling a via ferrata route, wearing complete and fully-functional equipment is compulsory!
In addition, practice how to use the equipment safely and properly to avoid the risk of falling!

  • Karhorn via ferrata

  • Karhorn via ferrata

  • Karhorn via ferrata

  • Karhorn via ferrata

Safety on the via ferrata.

  • Plan tours carefully
  • Match the destination to your own abilities
  • Partner check at the start
  • Do not set out if there is a risk of bad weather
  • Keep plenty of distance
  • Respect nature and the environment

Please note the current traffic situation

  • L200 Bregenzerwald
  • B198 Reutte
  • L198 Lech
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