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Extensive hill-top sight with an impressive mountain backdrop.

In terms of its landscape, Schröcken can be characterised as exceptionally diverse. Schröcken is a scattered settlement, split into 9 parcels of land (= districts), with people residing on hillsides and plateaus, with widely scattered hamlets. The district extends from the town of Unterboden at 1150 metres up to Körbersee, a natural gem, at 1660 metres altitude.

Schröcken nestles amid lush Alpine meadows and shady mountain woodlands, surrounded by steep flanks, in an impressive valley basin which is encircled by the Juppenspitze, Mohnenfluh, the distinctive Braunarlspitze, the Hochberg, the Rothorn, the Hochkünzelspitze and the Höferspitze.

The town’s name goes back to the rugged mountain landscape (Middle High German ‘schrecken’ for ‘burst’, ‘fissure’), whereby until 1640 the description ‘Giersboden’- in Walser ‘Gir’ for bird of prey predominated.

The town experienced pioneering achievements thanks to Alfons Strolz, who single-handedly built the first T-bar lift in Schröcken in 1953. In 1964 he founded the ski lifts in Schröcken. The extension of the Hochtannbergstraße in 1954 was another milestone in the development of tourism.

Today there are 220 people who live in this little town throughout the year, the majority of whom are represented in one of the many associations.

The accommodation available in Schröcken ranges from cosy and comfortable holiday apartments, to bed and breakfast establishments and hotels providing half-board, to superbly equipped chalets.

Did you know?

  • Today the little mountain village of Schröcken has 220 inhabitants.
  • Schröcken, with 9 areas, is a scattered settlement.
  • There are 8 active associations in Schröcken.
  • When the Tannberg bridge was built in 1935, spanning 55 metres in height and 70 metres wide, it was the third highest arched bridge in Austria.
  • In 2017 the natural gem, Körbersee in Schröcken, was named as the loveliest place in Austria in the ORF show ‘9 Plätze 9 Schätze’.
  • The glacial mill on the path to Alpe Felle is a relic from the Ice Age.
Kirche Schröcken mit Pfarrhof

Schröcken in winter.

Due to the well-equipped bus range, the first ski lifts can be reached in a few minutes from Schröcken. In addition, the village runs lead almost directly to the hotel doorstep.

Dorfansicht Schröcken

Schröcken in summer.

In summer Schröcken is an ideal starting point for hikes and mountain tours of all kinds. Anyone planning a hike to the natural jewel of Körbersee will be rewarded with the breathtaking view of the mountain scenery around the lake.

360° image - Get an initial overview of Schröcken.

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