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Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

Mountain tour

Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

The 50-kilometer-long tour spans 4,500 metres of altitude, which the participants have to conquer. Only very few manage to finish the tour in less than ten hours. Those who make it more comfortable reach the finish line after about 20 hours over the last steep descent. The challenge for most participants is not the race, but the endurance, because even ambitious hikers come to their limits here. The Seven Summits Tour runs over the seven mountains that surround the small village of Schröcken in the Bregenzerwald: Höferspitze (2.131 m), Juppenspitze (2.412 m), Mohnenfluh (2.542 m), Braunarlspitze (2.649 m), Hochberg (2.324 m), Rothorn (2.239 m) and Hochkünzelspitze (2.397 m). The entire circuit runs on marked alpine hiking trails without great technical difficulties, only stamina is required. Participants start at different starting times, depending on the participant’s fitness level: 2.00 am, 3.30 am, 5.00 am and 6.00 am. Even for the first start times a very good physical condition is required. The last group completes the course in mountain running mode.

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directions_run Typ:Mountain tour


arrow_right_alt Distance:46,6 km

access_time Duration:1390 min

trending_up Elevation gain:4113 hm

trending_down Elevation decrease:4107 hm

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Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

GPS 47.23366193 / 10.10982369



Stay on the route, watch your pace – don’t shoot the whole powder too soon, take enough fluid and carbohydrates, don’t be a rude contemporary, adapt to the situation and look forward to the finish.

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Recommended equipment.

Don’t take too much luggage with you!

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These summits must be conquered.

Höferspitze 2.131 m

Juppenspitze 2.412 m

Mohnenfluh 2.542 m

Braunarlspitze 2.649 m

Hochberg 2.324 m

Rothorn 2.239 m

Hochkünzelspitze 2.397 m

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All information about parking spaces can be found here.

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Public transport.

All information about the buses can be found here.

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Emergency numbers.

140 - Alpine emergencies throughout Austria

144 - Alpine emergencies in Vorarlberg

112 - Euro emergency call

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