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Traditional costume group & children's traditional costume group.

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Almost every village in Vorarlberg, and at the very least every region, has its own traditional costume. The so-called Tannberg traditional costume is worn with pride by the locals in the Walser towns of Warth, Schröcken and Lech. On celebratory church days, for special celebrations or family occasions, including weddings and christenings, the men and women dressed in traditional Tannberg costume are there to be wondered at. As ever, Tannberg traditional costume has special features, which reveal the different idiosyncrasies of the wearer. White stockings worn by men show that they are independent, while blue stockings reveal that a man is married.

  • Kindertrachtengruppe

  • Trachtenfrauen

  • Trachtengruppe

  • Trachtenverein Kinder

Children's traditional costume group.

Cheering and applause are certain when children from Schröcken walk onto the stage in their own, specially made mini traditional costumes to give their best with the songs and dances they have rehearsed. For the most part the children's traditional costume group appear with Schröcken music group at concerts in the town square, but the processions in the region and appearances at Warth Christmas market are also part of their set programme.


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