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Walser settlement of Bürstegg - formerly the highest Walser settlement in Vorarlberg.

The former Walser settlement of Bürstegg and Körbersee are two worthwhile hiking destinations and are easily accessible for young and old alike.

The old Walser settlement between Warth and Lech am Arlberg beneath the Karhorn at 1715m altitude had 13 houses and a small church in the 19th century. At the start of the 20th century the last of the inhabitants left because of the difficult location of the hamlet in Alpine terrain. Today this town which is steeped in history is an area of Alpine farming and is a popular destination with hikers.

The little Walser settlement greets you even from afar, indeed, it seems as if you are leaving not just an hour, but a whole century behind you, on this scenic route. It is rare to unexpectedly feel past times like this and there are few places where you will find such a charming ensemble of Walser culture in terms of buildings and lifestyle.

Anyone who wants to be spared the first few metres altitude can start in Warth with the Steffisalp Express. From there a narrow path heads in a southerly direction around the Warther Horn. After around an hour you reach Bürstegg. The Wanderbus (Bodenalpe stop) can be used for the return (an of course the outward) journey.

Chapel Bürstegg 'St. Martin'.

Chapel Bürstegg 'St. Martin'.Save now

Chapel Bürstegg 'St. Martin'.


A great photo motive is the settlement Bürstegg with the small chapel in front of the mighty Biberkopf (2.599 m).

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