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Girls’ weekends in powder paradise

Warth-Schröcken is an ideal place for freeriding for beginners and experts alike. Blogger Gesa gave it a go with two friends and describes just what a cool girls’ weekend in the most snow-abundant region in Austria can look like.

It is 7 a.m., I am looking out of the window in the place we are staying in Warth-Schröcken and the snow is gently falling. Wherever I look: snow! We arrived here from Munich last night, it has been snowing steadily and I reckon I have never seen as much snow all at once in all my life. ‘...Canada...’, muttered mountain girl Kaddi beside me, who virtually got straight out of bed and right into her ski gear and was now brimming with excitement about this fantastic weekend Actually the snow situation in Munich was looking somewhat sketchy. We were barely able to believe that this weekend we would be able to make our lines in the fresh powder snow ... And this is precisely why we are here: to freeride – in the most snow-assured ski area in Austria! Me, Gesa – and two of my mountain friends, who I got to know at the Munich community group - Munich Mountain Girls.

Freeriding in Warth

’...Canada...’, she muttered, as we delight in the fact that we can just leave our snowbound car sitting there for today.

No-one really wanted to believe it, but clearly there was something in the fact that the Warth-Schröcken region is a freeride paradise in Austria – perfect then for our girls’ weekend skiing. Since we didn’t know the area, we booked a freeride guide in Warth ski school for our perfect freeriding weekend. Christian should bring us to the best spots and powder slopes and explore the ski area with us – suited to our an level. He didn’t need to say it twice!

new freeriding in Warth Schroecken Freeride

And so we swept down the slopes, again and again and again. The special thing about this: We barely tackled one slope twice – welcome to not just the most snow-assured, but also the biggest ski area in Austria. Skis buckled up, snow in our faces, wide smiles under our face masks and of we go: With the ski lifts we always get to the top of the mountain again in comfort. At lunch time we stop-off in the centre of the village, right next to the piste.

I take note: thanks to the high level of Warth-Schröcken - 1500 metres - we are spared long hikes and ski tours. We quickly reach the enticing freeride slopes and the ski runs which have ski lifts save us time – and energy! It is this combination that makes Warth-Schröcken such a superb spot. The talk on the scene is: No Friends on Powder days? This is of no concern to us today, since there is plenty of powder here for everyone!

  • The Munich Mountain Girls freeriding in Warth-Schröcken

  • A dream for any freerider: New snow

  • Gesa Temmen is happy

  • Alpine inn covered in a thick layer of snow right in the heart of the ski area

So much that in the afternoon we are still finding untouched slopes and our legs really are starting to feel weary. Time for a hot chocolate - and a final circuit in the late afternoon! We can now ski right up to our doorstep, since the pistes end right in the village. We love to stroll and listen to the crunching of the snow beneath our feet. Arriving at our accommodation, our car has now completely disappeared; there has been so much snow.

new Freeriding in Warth Schroecken Skifing

’We rejoice, we laugh and have a big fat grin under our face masks. Even in the afternoon we are still finding untouched slopes.’

We bring the evening to a cosy end with a few beers and a nice meal in an inn. Then it’s straight to bed, after all, we want to be in shape tomorrow an make the most of that great snow. It’s worth it! Who would have thought it? On day two we discover new paths and cover a few routes. It is great that we have a guide with us! We will definitely be back - and for then we already know the best runs!

Gesa’s tips for freeriders

Safety first!
Please note!: While freeriding you are out and about in nature, with the dangers that brings. So you are prepared accordingly, in Warth-Schröcken you can choose suitable offers, such as safety camps and courses to ensure you enjoy safe off-piste fun! Please prepare carefully and do not pose any risks for yourself and others. Safe conduct and ensuring you bring an avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel with you are indispensable for freeriding; an avalanche rucksack is recommended.

Trust a local guide
If you have never been freeriding but would like to learn, then why not attend a freeride course in the nearby ski schools. Warth ski school for instance has a Freeriding crash course every Sunday and Wednesday! This will provide your first experience of deep snow and you will learn all about skiing and snowboarding in deep snow. Register the day before by 4 p.m. Meeting point Sunday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. at Warth ski school. Cost: 75 €, 4-6 participants.


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