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European travel insurance.

Safe - Relaxed - On the road.

From experience, we know that despite all the joy on the booked holiday can always come in the short term something in between. In order to avoid costs and hassle, we recommend that you take out cancellation insurance: We recommend that you take out cancellation, early departure and mountain rescue (incl. Helicopter rescue) the Hotel Cancellation Plus, which you can take out directly online at your Warth Schröcken booking.

Your insurance for Covid-19-cancellation reasons.

YES! In order to support tourism, European Travel Insurance has decided to insure Covid-19 diseases as well as any other unexpected serious illness, despite the pandemic status according to the WHO and despite the fact that pandemic is not insured anywhere. This means that the previous pandemic ban will no longer be applied in this respect.

Did you forget to take out travel insurance? It's not a problem.


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