Warth Schroecken

Cross-country skiing & skating in Warth-Schröcken.

Altitude slopes on the Hochtannberg pass.

Warth-Schröcken has ideal terrain for all cross-country and skating fans.
The altitude slopes on the Hochtannberg pass in particular provide optimum training conditions. Located at some 1700 metres altitude, in a very sunny location and with the best*-tended slopes, nothing stands in the way of you enjoying a successful day of cross-country skiing!

Cross-country brings exercise to life and has also been described as being the most healthy form of winter sport. It exerts almost all of your muscle groups, while at the same time working your cardiovascular system. This effect is enhanced when you train above 1000 metres.

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  • Winter landscape

Please note:
All the slopes are, where possible, very well-tended, signposted and secured. For safety reasons it may well be that individual slopes are not able to be tracked or are closed due to avalanche risk. In spite of this, no liability can be assumed in the event of accidents. Choose cross-country slopes that match your ability level.

Please also note that our cross-country slopes are also winter hiking trails and that you may come across walkers too. Please show consideration for one another!

An overview of our tracks.

Four circular courses spanning some 17 kilometres in total from the Hotel Jägeralpe to Körbersee; in all difficulty levels. The altitude slopes are between 1600 - 1700 metres, making them ideal starting points for your altitude training.

Tours proceed along the Hochtannberg pass, in a unique natural landscape which features gentle slopes and superb mountain summits!

Status cross country trails.

classic cross-country trails skating trails
cross country circular course Jägeralpe closed closed
cross country circular course Simmel closed closed
cross country circular course Kalbelesee closed closed
cross country circular course Falkenkopf to Körbersee closed closed
cross country circular course around Körbersee closed closed

Cross-country equipment hire.

Equipment on site & Professional advice
For pleasure-packed cross-country skiing perfectly tuned equipment is required.
The right cross-country skis, comfortable cross-country shoes and cross-country poles - including advice from experts helps make cross-country skiing a joy, even for beginners, in just a few hours.

Tip: Anyone who would like bespoke advice or wants to learn about an optimum swing will be very well looked after in the local ski schools.


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