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Kapelle Schröcken-Unterboden

Chapel Schröcken-Unterboden 'Maria Verkündigung'

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Chapel Schröcken-Unterboden 'Maria Verkündigung'

The Chapel of Mary Annunciation used to allow silent devotion to the Walser who were firmly anchored in the faith in the subsoil during weather-related impassions. Around approx. 1600 the remains of the wall that were exposed during the last renovation were dated, making it the oldest sacral building in the community. In the years 1774 to 1778 the pastor Jodok Grenßing ordered the demolition and rebuilding of the chapel. The preservation of the venerable Chapel of Mary Annunciation, as well as the subsequent renovation from 1963 to 1968, is due to private initiative, donations and voluntary helpers. Since this renovation, the small church has again two bells. The previous ones had to be handed over to the court martial at the beginning of the Second World War.

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Kapelle Schröcken-Unterboden


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Chapel Schröcken-Unterboden 'Maria Verkündigung'6767 Warth

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