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Atem der Berge

Atemcoach Carmen.

Inhale, feel, exhale.

Due to the stress of everyday life we often forget to give our body a short break. Our coach Carmen Drexel shows us how it is possible to combine short or long breathing exercises with everyday life and thus to be able to breathe hard once in a while.

There are a few basic rules that should be considered in any breathing exercise.

  • The most important of these is to breathe consciously in order to establish the natural relationship to breathing, to the body and to our consciousness!
  • Do not exaggerate or force yourself to do anything. The needs of the body should never be suppressed.
  • If you experience anxiety or discomfort, stop the exercise immediately.
  • Be patient – not every exercise works right from the first time.
  • Do not wear cramping clothes or jewellery.
  • The spine should be held straight, so the exercises are recommended in the beginning when lying or standing.
  • And there should be some time between the last meal.

The presented breathing exercises/techniques are not intended to replace a doctor or therapist and are always performed on your own responsibility.

  • Breath of the mountains

  • Atemraum

  • Winter landscape in the villages

  • Winter landscape in the villages

Breath programme.

Breathing air.

Theoretical introduction to the subject of breath, what it does on a health and psychological level. Then instructions on simple breathing techniques, which everyone can then do for themselves: e.g. 5 breath, Coherent breathing, Hawaiian Piko-Piko Breathing , uvm.

Breathe in the mountains.

The “Mountain Breathe” program takes you through our nature and is a series of about 20 exercises designed to restore your physical and mental balance. We feel strengthened and activated afterwards!

Shaking meditation.

his meditation is done with a special music that shows the different phases and supports them energetically. It has four phases – 1. Shaking, 2. Dancing, 3. Sitting, 4. Resting! It is a very effective way to relax and let go at the end of the day.

World Circle Meditation.

In this lightly moving meditation, accompanied by music, we share our heart energy with all four directions, with our entire environment, come to rest and recharge our energy.

Family programme.

Get started with a light relaxation technique for the whole family. Afterwards, children as well as adults can try different breathing games. Finally, there is a fun parent-child massage.

Next appointments.

The breathing programs can also be booked on request directly with Carmen Drexel on +43 664 40 84 114.
Per person and hour EUR 30,- for external guests.

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