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Mindfulness, Resilience & Happiness.

With resilience to an easier & happier life.

Resilience translates to internal resilience. In our fast-paced times, it seems almost impossible to escape stress. Different crises appear again and again in our lives. Find out what makes resilient people, get inspired to think and learn practical exercises on how to strengthen your personal resilience and thus make life easier, more self-determined and happier.

Ground rules.

Mental training, resilience training, energetic support and burnout prophylaxis are no substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, nor are they any substitute for psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment or examination. All statements and advice are not diagnostics, but represent pure (energetic) state descriptions. The focus of mental trainer work and burnout prophylaxis is the transmission of knowledge content.

The responsibility for your own life is yours.
You make all life decisions for yourself.
With empathy, openness, intuition and honesty, your mental trainer or energetic can support you.

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  • Breathcoach Carmen

  • Breathcoach Carmen

The breathing and mental programs.

Forest bathing.

Stays in the forest help to slow down, gain new energy and train mindfulness. In addition, inhaling forest air has a positive effect. Experience the powers of the trees and use all your senses in this “bath”: comprehend, marvel, feel, experience and taste.

Happiness – chance or conscious decision.

Every human being has a birthright to happiness. We can be happy without having a reason. Happiness is born in us. I want to make you think. What does happiness mean to you? Give you tools so that you can immediately start implementing your personal, happy life. The proverb “Everyone is a blacksmith of his own happiness” should be breathed into life so that it doesn’t happen. only a phrase remains. Happiness, or rather to be happy, is not a coincidence, but a conscious decision.

Progressive muscle relaxation.

By consciously tightening and relaxing individual muscle groups, a relaxation process begins throughout the body. Blood pressure may fall, breathing may become calmer and pulse rate and bowel activity may be reduced. The progressive muscle relaxation should contribute to a better feeling of calm.

Fancy trips.

Dive, dive into different worlds, to different places. Forget about everyday life for a while and give your body, mind and soul a break. Calm and relaxation should take place during a fantasy trip and our perception channels (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting) should be activated subconsciously.

Next appointments.

The dates and information about meeting point etc. will follow soon!

Carmen Drexel - breathing coach.

Carmen Drexel - breathing coach.

As a 2-fold mum, landlady and member of various voluntary offices, there are times when the mountain you have to overcome seems insurmountable!

That had a psychological and physical effect on me and then the pandemic came! Worries and existential fears arose. I looked for help and found it in breathing exercises!

I was amazed how quickly and effectively even short breathing exercises work in stress or anxiety situations! How good that is! I wanted to pass on this experience, share it, experience it with other people, so I decided to train as a breathing and relaxation coach and now offer two programs a week about Warth-Schröcken Tourism!

All atmprograms in overview.

Breathing air.

Theoretical introduction to the subject of breath, what it does on a health and psychological level. Then instructions on simple breathing techniques, which everyone can then do for themselves: e.g. 5 breath, Coherent breathing, Hawaiian Piko-Piko Breathing , uvm.

Shaking meditation.

his meditation is done with a special music that shows the different phases and supports them energetically. It has four phases – 1. Shaking, 2. Dancing, 3. Sitting, 4. Resting! It is a very effective way to relax and let go at the end of the day.

World Circle Meditation.

In this lightly moving meditation, accompanied by music, we share our heart energy with all four directions, with our entire environment, come to rest and recharge our energy.

The breathing programs can also be booked on request directly with Carmen Drexel on +43 664 40 84 114.
Per person and hour EUR 30,- for external guests.

Rebecca Manser – mental coach.

As a native of Bregenzerwald, my roots are deeply connected with nature and the mountains. Nature shows us – it is only in balance – if it is treated with care. For us humans it is often a challenge to find the balance between letting & enjoying the hustle and bustle and moving forward goal-oriented. Through personal success experiences with mental training and human energy, I have trained myself in these areas. Using simple methods, we can manage to be more mindful of ourselves and our fellow human beings. We can find our own balance. As a mental trainer, resilience trainer & energetic, I want to pass on my knowledge and help others to live their inner & outer balance.

All mental programs in overview.

Mental training (individual training).

Mental training supports people who want to use their thinking and their own imagination in a goal-oriented and solution-oriented way. Although the power of thoughts is known to many, the possibilities and effects are often underestimated. Through mental training, different effects can be achieved and individual goals can be pursued: emotional, cognitive (thinking and perception processes) as well as physical abilities can be improved.
In addition, mental training can help to break bad habits and replace them with better alternatives.

Human energy (individual treatment).

Feeling good all around – who doesn’t want that? As a human energy expert, I take a holistic view of the human being. Various traditional methods, such as gentle touching of the body or specific laying of hands on certain parts of the body, are intended to provide valuable assistance in achieving a physical and energetic balance. Methods are used that can have a positive and supportive effect on body, mind and soul, leading to more harmony, stability and vitality.

Burnout prophylaxis (individual training).

Every person has two types of drivers. Usually the learned drivers are those who do not really belong to us and do not correspond to us. Such drivers run the risk of us being burned out if we are exposed to them for too long. Burnout prophylaxis is about prevention. If we live our lives according to our personality, our values and our needs, a certain density and speed is quite manageable. Consciousness and mindfulness reduce the risk of chronic exhaustion. With Burnout Prophylaxis, I help you to focus on your own values and needs, so that you don’t come close to a burnout.

The programmes can be booked on request directly with Rebecca Manser at +43 664 12 73 500.
Cost of individual trainings / treatments depending on the program and effort.

Event tip.

Women’s mindfulness weekend.

Women’s mindfulness weekend.
Women’s mindfulness weekend.

Available to book: 22.9. bis 25.9.2022

Finally, breathe! A 4-day camp “for women only” awaits you with a mix of nature and region experiences, as well as a versatile range of topics ranging from mindfulness, breathing training, mental lectures and workshops to yoga and exercise activities.


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