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Mindfulness and resilience card set

Mindfulness and resilience card set

from € 5,00per person

With directions to special places of power.
The card set is intended to make mindfulness and breathing exercises accessible to everyone.

Breathing & Relaxation Coach and Mindfulness Trainer Carmen Drexel and mental trainer & energetic Rebecca Manser have described the way to their 4 favourite powerplaces and developed exercises on the themes of body, mind and soul.

In comfortable walks of about 30 minutes you reach these special places, which due to the tranquility, nature and views have the peculiarity of power places. In the set of cards you will find the basic rules for the correct execution, as well as the instructions for the respective exercise.

Cancellation information.

In case of cancellation, please contact the following email address: info@warth-schroecken.com.


The indicated “places of energy” are only recommendations. The exercises can also be done in any place that radiates strength for you. Please take care of your own safety and the surrounding flora and fauna.

Payment conditions.

Transfer the total amount please to the following account:

Account holder: Gemeinde Warth
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Account number: 1010503

After receipt of payment, the item will be sent to you by post.


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