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7 tips for an unforgettable ski holiday

Your personal bucket list for your ski holiday in Warth-Schröcken. We have compiled unforgettable adventures in the mountains for your ski holiday in Warth-Schröcken! Definitely try...

Körbersee was chosen as the loveliest place in Austria in 2017.

1. Skiing in the loveliest place in Austria

Körbersee in the Warth-Schröcken ski area is a gem in terms of scenery - a place that has a special attraction and beauty. It has been inspiring visitors for centuries and in 2017 was chosen as the loveliest place in Austria in a big evening show on Austrian television. Rightly so we would say. But find that out for yourself: Get to Körbersee on blue pistes via the Salober Jet and Falken ski swing. The hotel of the same name tempts you to enjoy a refreshment stop on the dreamy sun terrace – a place that provides a wonderful natural experience like no other. Simply beautiful.

A challenge for every skier: The Run of Fame!

2. Arlberg Ski Safari - On the Run of Fame around the Arlberg

Welcome to the biggest ski area in Austria – with plenty of pistes for an entire week. Who will manage to get 's from Warth-Schröcken via Lech and Zürs to St. Anton, to the Rendl and back again in one day? The Run of Fame is a breath-taking, well-signposted ski circuit and goes through the entire ski area. There are 85 kilometres and 18,000 meters altitude to tackle – a really challenge to any good skier’s fitness. The reward is legendary pistes, dreamy views and ever-changing terrain. And almost as a sideline, there is the history of the ski pioneers and stars from sport and film to discover in the Arlberg.

Ski the tracks in the fresh snow-covered slopes together

3. Experience the fascination of deep snow

Warth-Schröcken is the most snow-abundant ski area in Europe, with average snowfall of some 11 metres each year. It is little wonder that the area enjoys an outstanding reputation among freeriders and deep snow skiers. For them there is nothing nicer than making those first tracks in the fresh snow-covered slopes in the Arlberg. Again and again. That feeling of fluffy soft snow beneath their skis, the effortless gliding and tranquillity of the wintry landscape is all part of the fascination of this sport - and is its greatest challenge. Ski guides in Warth-Schröcken provide plenty of offers for a perfect day away from the pistes. Be bitten by the deep snow bug.

Children adore husky tours

4. Husky sled rides with the kids

Husky sledding is the epitome of that yearning for freedom, adventure and experiences in the natural surroundings. In Warth-Schröcken the huskies are a highlight for every child. After some time getting to know and petting the animals, you will be harnessed up with them on the sled. A while later head with "Musher" Marc in original dog sleds on a little circuit of snow-covered Kalbelesee. Husky tours are part of the children's programme during the Children's snow promotion.

Sunrise on the fresh pistes

5. Early Bird: On the empty pistes before anyone else

The first in the lift, when the first rays of sunshine immerse the surrounding summits in warm light. Hop off; let your gaze be drawn over the expansive beauty of the mountains and enjoy that feeling of wintry tranquillity for a long while. Then firmly "click"your ski shoes into their binding and use your poles to push strongly off down into the valley. That feeling of the first swing, as the edges firmly grip the freshly rolled piste, the centrifugal force, the fresh wind in your face and adrenaline pulsing through your veins, will inevitably magic up a smile in your face – simply priceless!

Enjoy the winter and re-energise.

6. Take a deep breath in a winter wonderland

A winter holiday has many facets - indeed, nowhere else will you find relaxation, tranquillity and calm as lovely as during a winter hike or on a snow shoe tour. The soft contours of the landscape – densely snow-covered – the tranquillity of nature and the sounds that are gently dampened by the snow create a calming effect and really allow to switch off properly. Even in the last hours of the day, when the sun is low in the sky, the winter ambience in the hiking trails around Warth-Schröcken is just perfect for really relaxing. Start at Kalbelesee right at the Salober car park and head into this winter fairytale realm, or make the most of the comfort of Dorfbahn Warth and start your hike from the mountain station, enjoying the lovely views into the valley.

Dreamy backdrop on the way to Lech.

7. Skiing in the tracks of Pastor Müller

A ski experience that is unparalleled! Together with our ski guides, head out in the tracks of a legendary ski pioneer who, in the winter of 1896 "commuted".with the first skis between Lech and Warth Just as Pastor Müller did, climb via Warther Horn saddle and enjoy the secluded run in the pristine deep snow, heading to Lech, passing the old Walser settlement of Bürstegg which provides an impressive view into the valley – all far removed from the pistes. In Lech immerse yourself in standard skiing again, to then end the day with a remote and intoxicating freeride run from the Mohnenfluhsattel through the gorge down to Schröcken. Still a genuine insider tip for skiers who have good to very good skiing expertise!


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