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Enjoy winter responsibly.

Protect yourself and others - health is the top priority!

Dear Warth-Schröcken fans!

Winter is just around the corner and we look forward to welcoming you in Warth-Schröcken.

We are prepared.
We have put a lot of thought into the upcoming winter season, so that we can keep all of you, all employees, and all locals safe.

Let's look out for one another.
For a smooth operation in the ski area, buses and catering establishments, as well as in all other areas, must all play their part. We therefore ask that you observe the hygiene measures, recommendations and instructions.

We look forward to welcoming you soon in Warth-Schröcken.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

The page is continuously updated and expanded.
(Amendments and adjustments may be made to the measures at any time to match legal policies!)

VERSION: 13.01.2022

Visiting Vorarlberg safely.

Current information and measures in overview.

What’s the current coronal situation? What rules apply when entering and during your holiday at the accommodation, in the restaurant, at the cable cars or at cultural facilities and events? What should one pay attention to when staying in the mountains?

In order that you can plan your holiday in Warth-Schröcken with confidence, Vorarlberg Tourism provides you with the most important information here in compact and constantly updated form: Visiting Vorarlberg safely

All information about entry and return travel.

To travel to Austria please note that persons aged 12 and over must present a 2-G certificate plus booster vaccination or PCR test for entry.
For children up to 12 years of age, no proof is required.
During the stay it applies a 2-G certificate.

FAQ - frequently asked questions & answers.

We have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions for you here.
The most important measures at a glance.

How do I behaving at symtomes?

If you show symptoms, that could indicate a possible COVID-19 infection (fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste of smell, ...), please stay in your accommodation and immediately contact your accommodation provider, as well as calling the Austrian Health-Hotline 1450 (accessible 0.00am - 12.00 pm). In no case at all should you personally visit a doctor's surgery if the virus is suspected.

How looks the 5 step plan and what measures applicate?

Step 1 : Corona ICU occupancy expected at 10 percent (200 beds)
In particular, the following rules remain in force
- Gastronomy: 3-G-detection
- Hotel industry: 3-G-detection
- Night gastronomy: admission with vaccination or PCR test – however, since the recovered are now treated as the vaccinated, the PCR test is now valid for this period in addition to recovered or vaccinated persons.

In addition, the following intensifications are being made:
- Reduction of the validity period of antigen tests from 48 to 24 hours
- 3-G rule for events with more than 25 people (previously 100 people)
- FFP2 masks are mandatory in areas where mouth and nose protection is already required – e. g. in public transport
- Recommendation FFP-2 masks for everyone also on the market, for unvaccinated FFP-2 masks also on the market (sample control)

Step 2 : Corona ICU occupancy of 15 percent (300 beds)
In particular, the following rules remain in force
- Gastronomy: 3-G-detection
- Hotel industry: 3-G-detection

In addition, the following intensifications are being made:
- Antigen tests with self-acceptance (“living room tests”) are no longer permitted as proof of entry
- Introduction of the 2-G rule (vaccinated and recovered patients – elimination of testing) for night catering and events without assigned seats for more than 500 people
- Stage 2 comes into effect seven days after the intensive bed occupancy rate of 15 percent (300 beds) has been exceeded

Step 3 : Corona ICU occupancy of 20 percent (400 beds)
- Antigen testing is more than a proof of entry. Therefore, instead of the 3-G rule, the following are valid as proof of entry: Vaccinated, recovered, tested by PCR test
- Introduction of the 2-G rule (vaccinated and recovered patients – elimination of testing) for night catering and events without assigned seats for more than 500 people remains
- Stage 3 comes into effect seven days after the intensive bed occupancy rate of 20 percent (400 beds) has been exceeded

Step 4: occupancy of 25% or 500 beds (without 7-day follow-up)
- Wherever the 2. 5-G rule was applied, the 2G rule applies (restaurants, leisure establishments, sports facilities, culture, close-to-body service providers, events from 25 persons etc. ).
- Exception: The 2. 5-G rule applies at the workplace. This means that there are still no restrictions for vaccinated or recovered persons.

Step 5: occupancy of 30% or 600 beds (without 7-day follow-up)
- From this point on, exit restrictions apply to unvaccinated persons, i. e. leaving their own private living area will only be allowed due to fewer exceptional reasons such as work, daily needs, close contact person etc.
- Vaccinated and recovered persons remain unaffected by this stage.

What step is valied after lockdown?

Step 5.

What proofs are acceptable as entry proof?

Persons vaccinated with an EMA-approved vaccine shall be subject to the following rules:
- Vaccines with two vaccinations are valid for a total of 270 days from the date of the second vaccination.
- Vaccines with only one vaccination (e. g. from Johnson & Johnson) are only valid until January 3, 2022.
- For persons who have already recovered and who have previously been vaccinated, the vaccination is valid for 360 days from the date of vaccination.
- All other vaccinations (“booster”) are valid for 360 days.
- The yellow vaccination certificate, a vaccination card and a printout of the data from the e-vaccination passport are valid as proof of vaccination.

- A medical confirmation is valid from day 11 for 180 days after an expired infection with SARS-CoV-2. This has to be done in molecular biology
(e. g. PCR test). An official separation notice is also valid for 180 days.

Corona tests of any kind (PCR, antigen and antibody tests) are no longer permitted as proof of entry.

In which sections apply the 2-G-rule?

  • Gastronomy
  • Hotel industry and accommodation
  • Cultural establishments
  • Meetings
  • Tour coaches and excursion boats
  • Physical services
  • Recreational facilities
  • Non-public sports venues
  • Trade and public fairs, congresses
  • Cablecars
  • Advent markets
  • Events from 25 persons

Do children have a proof for entry?

Children under the age of 12 are currently exempt from the requirement to present proof of admission.

For all children between the ages of 12 and 15, it is possible to get the 2-G status with the help of a Holiday Ninja Pass.
The prerequisite for the passport is serial testing. This means that at least 3 tests must be performed within 5 days, including at least 2 PCR tests. If within these 5 days a valid test proof with PCR and/or antigen test is available and is also carried, this means an equivalence with the 2G status, also for days 6 and 7 without further proof. This makes it possible to stay in Austrian accommodation, restaurants, leisure facilities and the use of cable cars.

The validity period is 48 hours for antigen tests and 72 hours for PCR tests. The start of the Holiday Ninja Pass does not have to coincide with the holiday week. Two 7-day cycles may be necessary during a holiday week.

Exception: If a PCR test cannot be demonstrated in an individual case due to a late evaluation (more than 24 hours) or lack of availability, the detection of an antigen test is exceptionally permissible (if this can be shown to be credible).

The 2. 5-G rule applies on entry, which means that children between the ages of 12 and 15 must already have a PCR test on arrival.

In addition to the Holiday Ninja Pass itself, all official test certificates for the duration of the holiday or holiday stay must be documented and submitted in order to be able to guarantee the 2G status.

What proof should I have to purchase a skipass?

2-G proof (“vaccinated, recovered”).

What is the current minimun distance I should have to other persons?

2 meters.

Where do I need to wear a face mask?

FFP2 mask mandatory always when the minimum distance of 2 meters cannot be kept, even outdoors.

Where can I find the entry and return conditions for my holiday destination?

All information about arrival and departure can be found here.

General Information.

In order to get through the winter safely together, we should all always keep the following rules in mind.

  • Please pay attention to installed information posts and signs.
  • Please respect instructions from employees.
  • Please keep a sufficient distance away from other people.
  • Please observe the hygiene rules and regularly wash your hands.
  • Please dispose of your used protective masks and tissues correctly in waste bins.
  • Whenever possible, please use cashless payment.

We should always observe these rules.

Any further questions about your safety?

Data Protection

I accept the data protection regulations

Important contact information.

  • Tourist Office Warth | +43 5583 3515 - 0
  • Tourist Office Schröcken | +43 5519 267
  • Ski lifts Warth GmbH & Co. KG | +43 5538 3601 - 0
  • Ski lifts Schröcken Strolz GmbH | +43 5583 4259 - 0
  • Medical consultation service by phone | 1450
  • Katharinen Pharmacy | +43 5514 20102

Please note the current traffic situation

  • L200 Bregenzerwald
  • B198 Reutte
  • L198 Lech
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