Warth Schroecken
Warth in der Nacht

Getting here by car.

Postcodes of towns for your navigation system.

The postcode for Schröcken is 6888. For Warth please ensure that you enter the postcode 6767
since around 600 kilometres away in Lower Austria there is another town called "Warth".

Additional information for winter.

Please note that due to our altitude location (1269m and 1500m)
in the winter a great deal of snow can lie in the towns. Snow clearing work is done on a regular basis so access roads are rarely closed. However, during your stay heavy snowfall can occur within a very short space of time.

Please note that the relevant winter equipment is required at all times! In Austria winter the use of winter tyres is compulsory from 1. November to 15. April.It is also recommended that you bringsnow chains with you so you are well-equipped. (These are available to purchase at garages and at many petrol stations!)

Winter road closures Warth-Lech
Please note that the L 198 between Lech and Warth is permanently closed.
Warth-Schröcken is therefore not accessible via the Arlberg pass (via St. Anton - Lech)!

Various ways to get to Warth-Schröcken.

From Munich:
A95 - Oberau - Ettal - Linderhof - Grenze Ammerwald - Plansee - Reutte - Ebigenalp - Warth - Schröcken
(Variant 2: from Oberau to Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Lermoos - Bichelbach - Heiterwang - Reutte - Elbigenalp - Warth - Schröcken)

From Stuttgart:
A8 to the Ulm/Eichingen motorway intersection - A7 to junction for Füssen - Pflach - Reutte - Weißenbach - Elbigenalp - Warth - Schröcken
(Variant 2: From Memmingen on the A 96 to Wengen i.A. - Lindau - A14 Lauterach - Brengenzerwald - Alberschwende - Andelsbuch - Mellau - Au-Schoppernau - Schröcken - Warth)

From Basel/Zürich:
A1 – St. Margarethen – A 13 – Au/CH – Lustenau – Dornbirn – Bödele – Bezau – Schröcken – Warth

From Geneva/Bern:
Bern - Zürich - St. Margarethen – A 13 – Au/CH – Lustenau – Dornbirn – Bödele – Bezau – Schröcken – Warth

From Turin/Milan:
Como – Lugano – Chur – N13 – Au/CH – Lustenau – Dornbirn – Bödele – Bezau – Schröcken – Warth

From Salzburg:
Bad Tölz – A 95 – Oberau – Ettal – Linderhof – Grenze Ammerwald – Plansee – Reutte – Lechtal – Warth - Schröcken

We are also happy to provide you with information in person with regard to the current traffic situation and the shortest route to take to get to us.

Compulsory vignettes on Austrian motorways.

Please note: Vignettes are compulsory on all motorways! Anyone driving without a vignette must expect a fine!
Exception: The section of the A14 Rheintal/Walgau motorway between th border near Hörbranz and the Hohenems junction is TOLL-FREE. bvThat means guests don't need a vignette here.

Stick-on vignettes are available at petrol stations, motorway services, lots of tobacconists, car clubs and at ASFINAG toll points.
The shortest variant for cars is a 10-day vignette.
Current prices for motorway vignettes is always available at https://www.asfinag.at/maut-vignette

More information on road reports and closures.

More information is available here: ÖAMTC traffic service


Please note the current traffic situation

  • L200 Bregenzerwald
  • B198 Reutte
  • L198 Lech
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